Enlightenment: Ways to Transcend the Ego

"That which you
think you to get
isn't essentially a point,
but an motion.
It is the motion
Keeping on.
In each minute,
you might be unconsciously
Keeping on to an thought
of who you are.
And Despite the fact that
this idea of who you will be
is constantly transforming
second to instant,
the action of Keeping
on remains the exact same,
giving you the sensation
that there is a 'you'
transferring in time,
altering and reworking,
Studying and escalating.
But should donji ves marke you come donji ves beograd to be conscious
of the action of Keeping on
and even for this minute
Enable go of this motion of holding,
Then you definately fall into this minute
and find out really Evidently,
past the intellect
that anything is arising
by itself,
endlessly fresh and new
out of the instant.
You move outside of the idea
of this you going linear in time
and encounter
mindful radiance,
not as a person
but as aware radiance alone.
You understand
your pure state of peace
in which there is not any this kind of donji ves issue
as stress.

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